Friday, 8 January 2010

Take Off!

Fat Dog and Me went up to see Granny this morning but she was too busy to play with us, so we found Daft Harry and ran into the field to play while The Boss was doing the donkeys.

After a while I got bored with running around and decided that as Harry has always wanted to fly we should see if we could help him!

First of all, I got Fat Dog to waddle up and down the field a few times to make a runway.

Then I sent Daft Harry all the way to the furthest end of the field and gave him the signal to run back into the wind as fast as he could and flap his ears as hard as possible!

"Go on Harry"

Squeaked Fat Dog excitedly.

"You can do it. The first Jack Russell powered flight!"

He very nearly made it..!

The Judges of Fact from the Guinness Book of Records didn't seem so impressed!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Day!

The Boss went out early this morning to see Granny but it was so cold that I stayed in bed.  Even Granny and Daft Harry are not worth frostbite.  That snow was looking very deep....!

Later, the Boss picked She Who Must be Ignored, me and Fat Dog up in the land rover and we went out for a walk.  Well I say walk but it was so cold that I had to run round and round as fast as I could to keep warm.

 Fat Dog has a very ample and hairy bottom to keep her warm, so she just sat down and watched me.

 As for She Who Must be Ignored, well, none of us could work out what on earth she was up too.

What is a 'retard'?

Sunday, 3 January 2010

In at the Deep End

There was so much snow at Grannie's house this morning.  It is all very well but if the snow is 12 inches deep and you are a simple Jack Russell whose little legs are only 6 inches long, life gets a little tricky!

I even have frost on my chin!

Daft Harry, who now fancies himself as Grannie's little boy, took the opportunity to try and look rugged and handsome!

He always was a bit sad!

Just as we were leaving Grannie's house, The Giant Hen popped her head out of the ark.

"Is it safe to come out yet?"

Friday, 1 January 2010

A new year?

What a lot of snow this morning!  The Boss and She who Must be Ignored went up to Grannies to see the hens, Hannah and Henry donkey and Daft Harry.

As you would expect, Daft Harry ran round till he was dizzy.  

The Giant Hen was not at all happy about the snow, she said.

"If The Boss is expecting eggs on a day like this, he can jolly well go to Waitrose!"

And then stomped off!

Hannah and Henry weren't really saying very much.

She who Must be Ignored started to make them a Snowman tonight,  "That should cheer them up"!  She said.

Strange woman......