Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Mountain Leadership Training

I took The Boss and She Who Must Be Ignored to the Lake District last week.

The Boss was embarrassing as usual, all that wheezing, gasping and complaining but the main reason for going was to put SWMBI through part of her Mountain Leadership Training.   On this trip we were doing 'Navigation in the mountains', she has always been a little weak in this aspect but with my help she should be ok.

I had to wait patiently quite often but I think that patient handling is the key.  On this occasion SWMBI was having trouble deciding whether she was at Sprinkling Tarn or Sty Head Tarn.  She wandered round looking vacant for a while and then asked who had the map!  Then finally decided we were at Sty Head.

We eventually arrived at Sty Head Tarn later in the afternoon!

Oh well!  Rome wasn't built in a day.........

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