Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Apprentice?

Today Daft Harry decided that he was going to dig his own tunnel.

To Newcastle?

I tried to explain to him that there would be a bus at 10 past but he wouldn't listen.  Why did he want to go to Newcastle anyway?  He spent all his pocket money in on his postcard for Granny when he was in Australia at the weekend!

It's going to be a long job, after two hours this was as far as he got!

If this wasn't bad enough, Henry Donkey decided that he would join in, it's a good thing that Fat Dog didn't see all this because she would have needed a quarrying licence!

All this week Granny has been accusing me if stealing the wild bird's seeds but the culprit has been found.  While Harry was digging his tunnel I made a hide and lay in wait.

Got her!

The Giant Hen!!


  1. Glad you stopped digging to Australia Jack. I am sure the whole of the UK would have ended up there if you continued.

  2. I enjoy your words! and the photos are funny (soory my english!!!)

  3. Poor Harry looks like he is being sick! I think you are driving him too hard Jack.

  4. Jack...keep an eye on Harry's attempts at tunnelling...check out my Mum's blip! Heidi